FOTUX Cable is a well-known cable brand worldwide, FOTUX Cable has been serving global customers based in North and South America, EMEA, Asia Pacific. Our products are compliant with the standards of ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA, SCTE and certificated by EN50117, EN50173, CE, RoHS, REACH, UL, ETL, CPR. With our strong R&D and engineering background, we have had the dedicated solutions for LTE, DOCSIS3.1 and 5G.

The global business environment has experienced drastic changes in the last few years. Rapid advancement in the field of technology around the world asked for fast solutions to process more and more data at ever-faster speeds. Companies should not merely be satisfied with variations of conventional ideas. They must also have the creativity to proactively identify perpetually changing market needs, as well as the agility to quickly respond to changes. With society facing a historic transition comparable to the Industrial Revolution, FOTUX cable is making a movement to an enterprise that proposes business solutions, while keeping focused on “Respect Transparency Loyalty” as our manufacturing Philosophy.

By encouraging staff members to proactively engage with customers and discover new needs, FOTUX Cable will be equipped to propose appropriate business solutions and by repeating this cycle, we are determined to expand our business fields and become an ideal partner for all companies with the highest expectations.