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We are motivated to continuously improve our individual and company performance to deliver maximum value to our customers. We encourage a high-performance culture and foster a keen sense of ownership amongst our team to promote our values.

Fire Resistant Cable

This cable family has been specially designed to ensure the correct operation of the emergency circuit under fire conditions and to ensure maximum transmission performance.

Special Cable

The ongoing evolution of technology pushes customers demand of special cables to satisfy particular requests. FOTUX has the right know-how and resources to meet all these requirements

Coaxial Cable

Reliable Video signals at 75 Ω for CCTV. Superior shielding design for LTE solutions, Up to 3GHz bandwidth for DOCSIS and MoCA high speed transmission.

Data Transmission Cable

Suitable for many uses in civil or industrial applications. We make and develop products in support of the most modern technologies like Network, Video Surveillance, 5G…


FOTUX Cable has advanced testing and measuring system from the material comes in to the final product shipped out, we completely follow up ISO-9001 QC procedures with the detailed inspection reports. Following up the ISO 9000 guidelines the design and testing of prototypes are carefully monitored and recorded. State-of-the-Art software is used in mechanical drafting and design and in order to avoid compromising the reliability of a given product due to the defects in its design.

By gearing towards continuous improvement, standardising and constantly updating of each single activity so that everyone knows what to do and how to do it to ensure the effectiveness of the management system and to ensure that the quality policy is communicated, understood, and subject to periodic audits.

We are the reliable and competent partner for your cable inquiries. Join us and take part in success!


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