The Covid-19 virus is spreading at an extraordinary speed and obstructed global business worldwide. The effects of the pandemic are impacting everyone from the largest companies to the smallest start-ups.

We take the increasingly worldwide spread of the coronavirus very seriously and we continue to take precautionary measures to prevent infections with Covid-19. The health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners have always been and will remain a top priority at our company.

Close on the heels of the coronavirus outbreak, the economic shock will follow with its unprecedented challenges. The better we’ll be able at adapting to and meeting these challenges, the brighter and more sustainable the outlook will be.

For these reasons, we are proud to announce that we decided to anticipate these difficulties rather than wait for them to reach us: New land has been purchased on which our state-of-the art factory will be realized and equipped with the most modern machineries and advanced technologies. Plus, even more investments in R&D will be made to offer the most innovative product solutions to our customers.

It is honour for us to show to the world that our company believes in a brighter future and increases in production plants, R&D investments, best quotations and shortest lead times. This allows us to satisfy our clients’ requests in the best ways possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to receive more information about all our future projects.


This cable covers a wide range of uses in civil and industrial applications. They are used for connections between devices in control systems and equipped with high percentage of coverage shielding, halogen free insulation and sheath.

SPECIAL CABLES (Belden Equivalents)

The ongoing evolution of technology pushes customers demand of special cables to satisfy particular requests. FOTUX has the right know-how and resources to meet all these requirements.


This cable family has been specially designed to ensure the correct operation of the emergency circuit under fire conditions and to ensure maximum transmission performance.


Suitable for many uses in civil or industrial applications. We make and develop products in support of the most modern technologies like Network, Video Surveillance, 5G…


Reliable Video signals at 75 Ω for CCTV. Superior shielding design for LTE solutions, Up to 3GHz bandwidth for DOCSIS and MoCA high speed transmission.

For more information, technical sheets and product samples please contact our sales representative.