In order to minimize our COGS and reassure the cable quality consistency and reliability, Our company added a new PVC extrusion line which increased available capacity in 2020. Actual monthly PVC output are up to 1200 Tons by now. This is only the beginning and in the near future we’ll continue to strengthen our production management and develop products with advanced technology.

Our newest equipment full name is SMD-115(23D) Parallel Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Pelletizing Line, made by Guangzhou SAN-U. This is a professional manufacturer specialized in research, development and manufacture in the field of extrusion pelletizing and mixing equipment.

The new equipment has following features:

  • With same total volume, higher effective volume compared to our competitors;
  • Mixer with durable barrel using 8mm thickness 304 stainless steel. The stirring knifes with wear resistant tool steel. And made in Japan bearing;
  • Barrel of our mixer using ‘punching’ processing method which is more robust and durable. The inner side of the barrel is perfectly levelled. Also, we proceed with dynamic balance testing for the barrel;
  • Particular knife structure design of the mixer, totally different from systems used by other suppliers and this allows us to double output with same barrel size;
  • Perfectly sealed discharge port with dynamic balance testing;
  • Self-cleaning barrel.