About Us

With more than 10 years of experience...

We offer our customers Top Quality, Technical Expertise, Reasonable Prices and Short Delivery Times and all these qualities have contributed to the growing number of satisfied customers and intensive global activities.
Specialized in the manufacture of a wide range of cables including Alarm & Audio & Electronic Cables, Belden Equivalent Cables, Lapp Equivalent Cables,
Coaxial Cables, Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Lan Cables, Power Cables, Security Cables, Telephone Cables, Bus Cables, Data Cables, Heat
Detection Cables, High Temperature Cables…They are all made according to international quality standards and company is constantly mindful to
ensure that these quality standards are maintained at all times.

We are motivated to continuously improve our individual and company performance to deliver maximum value to our customers. We encourage a high-performance culture and foster a keen sense of ownership amongst our team to promote our values:


  • Work together to make sure that every voice is heard
  • Build trusting relationships with each other.
  • Encourage and recognize others’ achievements.


  • Share best practices
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our actions
  • Balance short-term results and longterm value


  • Do the right thing – always
  • Seek solutions that benefit our customers and our company
  • Never compromise our values for short-term results

Why Work with Us

By being the best, we do not mean the biggest, the cheapest nor the fastest
growing. We want to be the cable company preferred by our customers because
of our expertise, level of service and leading products and solutions. We are
constantly looking for new solutions and applications to respond to the current market and customer needs and to prepare for future demands. Whetherit is a new product, a new application or an environmental solution, our engineers are always ready to meet our customers’ communications challenges.

We are committed to a constant focus on Research and Development to deliver innovative and responsible products and solutions, and we invest continuously in the development of technology that takes our products and solutions to the next level. In recent decades, the updating of our cable design, the improved quality of our raw materials and the acquisition of modern production equipment allows us to guarantee all cables produced under our brand.

Products that meets the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Cables Production

While our Company views each single production step as an opportunity to innovate and exceed expectations, we hope our customers view them as little more than a single, unifying cable that delivers exactly what they want, when they want it.
Fotux Cable products are certified according to the highest quality standards. We guarantee continuous improvement of product and process quality, safe processes are guaranteed and a dedicated quality certification team in China ensures our highest quality standards.

Our extensive range of cables include:


Fotux Cable is able to offer a complete range of pre-assembled cables.


Fotux Cable manufactures cables according to individual customer needs and application-specific requirements, taking into consideration parameters
like the operating temperature range, ability to withstand tensile and torsional stress, required flexing cycles, chemical resistance… to quality production.

Clients are openly invited to our head office and site factory in Hangzhou which provides an insight into mechanical and electrical design and development, cable production and manufacturing, and also our product testing.

These products, sometimes similar between them, must have different  performance levels according to the countries to which they are exported. This requires a strong engagement on the part of the Company and the analysis of economic parameters for the final product to be competitive on the different markets.

One of the many topics continuously monitored by our researchers is: fire and the toxic substances released during combustion. Considering the risks it implies for people, fire is a topic constantly resent in our Corporate Strategies and in our Research and Development laboratories. We are continuously studying new cables, with special structures, special compounds and including all the elements necessary to abide by international regulations.