Stranded copper conductors, Silicone or LSZH insulation, one pairs, overall shield (100% coverage), tinned copper drain wire, LSZH sheath.

Smoke alarms and detectors, voice communications, addressable fire alarm systems, microprocessor controlled systems, pull boxes, burglar alarms, wiring of fire alarms, and fire protective circuits. It usually comes in a RED colored outer jacket.

Shield Type – AL Tape Shielded
Conductor Count – 2
Color Chart – Black & Clear
Packaging Type – Cardboard Reel I Plywood Reel
Jacket Material – PVC I LSZH Grey(G) Black(B) Red(R) White(W)
Conductor/Drain Wire Material – Stranded Tinned Copper
Insulation Material – PE

Conductor – 18AWG
Drain Wire – 20AWG
Diameter Over Jacket – 9.02mm
Insulation Thickness – 0.81mm
Jacket Thickness – 0.89mm

Capacitance Conductor to Conductor – 79 pF/m
Capacitance Cond to other Cond to Shield – 154 pF/m
Conductor DC Resistance – 10 ohms/km
Inductance – 0.66uH/m
Characteristic Impedance – 58 ohm
Recommended Current(A), Max – 9.5 per Conductor @25°C

Operating Temperature Range – -20°C to +75°C

Recommended Pulling Tension, Max – 160lbs
Bend Radius/Minor Axis, Min – 95mm