Four 18AWG stranded tinned copper conductors, Outer shielded, SR PVC insulation.

Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cables

Shield Type – Outer AL Tape Shielded
Conductor Count – 4
Color Chart – Red, Black, Green, White
Packaging Type – Cardboard Reel | Plywood Reel
Jacket Material – PVC | LSZH Grey (G) Black (B) Red(R) White(W)
Conductor/Drain Wire Material – Stranded Tinned Copper
Insulation Material – SR (Semi-Rigid) PVC

Conductor – 18AWG
Drain Wire – 20AWG
Diameter Over Jacket – 6.22mm
Insulation Thickness – 0.28mm
Jacket Thickness – 0.89mm
Cabling Lay Length – 51mm Left Hand

Capacitance Conductor to Conductor – 131 pF/m
Capacitance Conductor to Shield – 236 pF/m
Conductor DC Resistance – 22 ohms/km
Shield DC Resistance – 28 ohms/km
Recommended Current(A), Max – 5 per Conductor @25°C

Operating Temperature Range – -20°C to +75°C

Recommended Pulling Tension, Max – 100lbs
Bend Radius/Minor Axis, Min – 64mm